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Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods on Earth. “Cooking For Health - The Chocolate Edition” shows you how to prepare some of the most delicious chocolate recipes healthfully ...

Dr. Will Clower Of Mediterranean Wellness
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Spend over 3 hours of with Dr. Clower as he walks with you through the preperation of the most delicious chocolate recipes on the planet. From flourless chocolate cake with a chambourd raspberry sauce to other shockingly quick and easy recipes like french silk pie, pot de crème, and chocolate mousse. And thats not all Dr. Clower shows you the standards you can’t live without, including: double chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate pudding, chocolate pecan brownies, and a brilliant chocolate biscotti that goes right in your coffee. And if you want your family to eat more veggies, the chocolate zuchinni bread is an instant winner.

features / benefits

Cooking Techniques


You will learn HOW to make chocolate desserts, with super simple cooking techniques that anyone can do. When you’re done, you’ll be a PRO!

Health Coaching


Chocolate is a health food, but not all chocolate is created equal. You will learn WHICH chocolate is the healthiest, and how to prepare it so you retain all of it’s health benefits.

Amazing Recipes


You are going to love, love, love these classic chocolate recipes - how easy they are to make, and how delicious they are to eat in a healthy controlled manor.

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