Your Life Can Change

In Just 8 Weeks

The Path: Your Guide To Mediterranean Wellness

Our 8 week curriculum teaches you not only what to eat, but also the habits of healthy eating that handle portion distortion, pull your sweet tooth, control stress-induced binge eating, train your brain to curtail chronic consumption, increase metabolism, and break the behavioral chains that hold you back.

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Week 1: Pull Your Sweet Tooth

Learn What Real Food Really Is

When you eat real food, you will pull your sweet tooth out. For good. If you have a sweet tooth, or you just want to know what real food is anymore, you have got to sign up for this program!

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Week 2: Portion Distortion

GOT Portion Distortion?

Then you’ve GOT to come this week to learn how to beat it … get this … by planning on seconds! This is a total makeover of your healthy eating habits – at the fork, at the plate, at the bite. Plus, we coach you to avoid the “Toilet Bowl Effect”. Ewwwww.

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Week 3: Train Your Brain

Turn Down Your Appetite Thermometer

This week you will turn down your appetite thermometer, and dial down the level of food that your body and brain are asking for. There is no more fundamental change than this. Do not miss this week, because we are going to FIX the “clean your plate problem”. After this week, you will learn how to eat ALL you want … you’ll just want less.

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Week 4: Learn The Best Kept Secret

Do You Get Hungry Between Meals?

This week is the best kept secret of the entire approach and it involves chocolate!! Do you get nagging hunger between meals? If you have trouble with between meal munchies and chronic consumption, do not miss this week! We are going to show you the foods that switch on hunger, and the foods that turn it off.

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Week 5: Stress-Induced Overconsumption

Keep Outside Stresses On The Outside

Yeah, who hasn’t? In fact, ever gone on a diet, did everything right … and STILL gained weight? That’s because 100% fat-free, calorie-free stress drives up your weight and harms your health. Don’t freak out or anything, but you cannot miss this week!

Crank Up Your Metabolism
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Week 6: Crank Up Your Metabolism

If Your Metabolism Is Sagging, You Can Perk It Up

Rev your metabolism to burn more calories when you're not even active at all. It’s easy to do, and only takes about 10 minutes per day! Even better, to crank it up, you don't have to run a marathon, swim the English Channel, or dunk from the foul line! If your metabolism is sagging, you can perk it up! This week our participants find out how.

Break The Chains
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Week 7: Break The Chains

One Thing Leads To Another, Right?

One thing leads to another, right? Next thing you know … boom, you’re emotional eating, with too much food, the wrong food, not exercising, and on and on and on. These behavior chains are triggered. If you have these trigger behaviors, you can’t afford to miss this week. We’re not just going to fix them for you, we’ll coach YOU to do it on your own. Now THAT is freedom.

Health Black Belt
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Week 8: Health Black Belt

Now You Can Really Live A Lifestyle.

Now you can live a lifestyle … for life. This week we target the last coaching you need to really practice what you learned. It gets personal at this point, as we target the part you need to work on the most. Then we make a plan.